In 1979, David Gumbrell started his career at the age of sixteen as a saddler in a small manufacturing factory in Mentone, Victoria. During 1980, the factory moved its workshop to the rear of its saddlery shop in Moordialloc where David continued to make and repair saddlery for the racing and show industry. By 1983, David had started manufacturing heavy duty saddlery for local horsemen and riding schools and later moved to Queensland, to make saddles for saddle manufacturers Syd Hill and Sons in 1986.

After returning to Melbourne in 1989, David was contracted to Horseland Ringwood, where he was introduced to Master Saddler, Bob Wilson. Bob taught David the fine art of Turnout Saddlery, leading David to make saddlery for some of Australia’s top show riders. From here, David saw his wares win not only in the show ring but also as a craft exhibit.

In 1996, David decided to manufacture primarily for the racing industry and started David Gumbrell Saddles. This evolved from the half-tree exercise saddle (the Classic) and then developed to range of styles to suit different needs. Whilst spending time on training tracks all over Australia, David was able to see the needs of trainers and riders which enabled him to alter and improve his saddles to last longer and outperform competitors.

Trees have been altered over the years and David Gumbrell Saddles now design and manufacture a high density polyethelene tree with stainless steel gullet. Combined with a new moulded foam panel it allows the saddle to sit over the whither and not pinch. Trees carry a 10 year warranty covering breakage under normal use. David Gumbrell Saddles have a reputation for high quality repairs. They are neat and durable repairs and will look like part of the saddle so your expensive saddles will not come back with big ugly patches.

Today, David Gumbrell Saddles manufactures several styles of exercise and stock saddles in a custom build factory in Melbourne's South Eastern suburb. All saddles are made in Australia and can be custom designed for individual needs. Mounts are available for all saddles. Currently, David is working on several new styles and will be releasing a bigger collection of saddles.